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ព្រះបន្ទូល និងទីបន្ទាល់ដ៏មានពន្លឺផ្សព្វផ្សាយតាមរយៈសៀវភៅ

The Secret of Forgiveness of Sin and Being Born Again

Reading a recommended book

The Secret of Forgiveness of Sin and Being Born Again
The best gospel preaching house of this time period!
As humans drift farther away from God because of their sins, instead of gaining happiness, joyfulness, and blessings they are caught up in their guilty conscience, pain, fear, and darkness. Now all these things can be taken care of through the forgiveness of sin. The definite truth about the forgiveness of sin is secretly hidden in the bible.

Repentance and faith

Reading a recommended book

Repentance and faith
True repentance is through the forgiveness of sin and it starts changing a person’s heart from the core. I looked for people changing everywhere in the bible and in it there is certainly a process. That process of change is precisely called “repentance”. The sad thing is, today many churches in Korea do not teach this repentance accordingly to the bible.